Her Reaction is PRICELESS! Utter Surprise and Excitement.

When we first started our business we never dreamed that we would end up specializing in Surprise Proposal Photography, but that is exactly what has happened. These days there is a great demand from our clients to capture those vulnerable and emotional moments of a surprise proposal.

The men who contact us are from all over the world…the United States as well as Europe and South America! It’s OK if you’ve never been to Tampa Bay area. We will do our best to help figure out your game plan to make it as special as can be.

To photograph a proposal is such a joy. That you trust us to share and capture that special, priceless moment is quite an honor and we never take that lightly. We do our best to make the experience fun and worry free. We are always open to new ideas and can’t wait to hear from you!

Here’s a basic rundown of the experience…

You contact us with the basic details…a day and place. We will coordinate the time together to schedule the shoot. Especially in fall and winter months the sun goes down earlier, so proposals need to take place before 4pm.

We hammer out the details. We will ask you to email us a fairly recent photo of the two of you so we can recognize you on the day.

On the day of the proposal, we’ll touch base via text message. We always tell our guys to have a good text “excuse” (work, family, friend) so that she doesn’t get suspicious.

We will “meet” at our desired location and follow our plan to capture her reaction in the best possible way!

After you’ve proposed, you’ll take a minute or two to enjoy the moment.

Now it’s time for photos where she’s actually aware of what is going on! We’ll take about an hour or so of portraits in and around the area you choose to propose. NOTE: Most girls want to look nice when having their photo taken! Please make an effort to have your girlfriend put makeup on, do her hair, dress nice, etc. Many of our guys have flat out lied to their girlfriends in order to get them to dress up.

That’s it! Once the photo shoot is over you’re free to call your families and friends and celebrate!

In about 2 weeks we invite you for a viewing session to choose the photos you would want to have.

If you’ve got an idea for a proposal, get in touch! We’ll do our best to accommodate you.


  • on the phone or in person consultation
  • up to 90 mins on-location session
  • LX Style Edits of Selected Images
  • 5″x7″ 20 page Little Black Book
  • Online Gallery of All Selected Edited Images
  • Digital HD Files on USB

Listen guys, you don’t have to do this alone. We are with you every step of the way. You should book this package if you would like to get some major points for thinking about what she would like. You know that she absolutely must have those photos and you must have a peace of mind that you did everything right.

We will guide you through this and you’ll be glad we did. Our clients tell us we took huge amount of stress off their shoulders.

Please feel free to call us and ask us all the questions – we will be glad to help!