We have quite a few families who come to us every year to do the session. It’s always so exciting to see how their families grow! 

Here are a few reasons why it is important to preserve your family memories in photographs every year:

1. If you have kids, they grow so fast!  Taking first steps, celebrating first birthday, second birthday, etc.  Because they grow so fast and change so much we recommend getting family photos every 3-6 months during their first year, and then once a year from 1-5, and then every other year from then on.



2.  With each session we suggest to make a couple of enlargements to hang on the walls. It is a great way to personalize your family nest. With all the rest of the photos from your session you may print some smaller sizes like 5x7s and 8x10s to put around the house or at the office or give to family as gifts...but what we like to do for our clients is create a coffee table little book from each session.  These are 5x7 hard cover books, with 20 or 40 pages.  They are a great way to preserve your favorites, enjoy flipping through the pages filled with beautiful memories, and share with friends and family that come to visit. 

Over time our clients collect volumes of these little photo books documenting their families.

3. Everyone these days believes they want all their images on a CD.  This is what people ask us for all the time when they call to inquire about the session. How often do you go through your digital images and enjoy and relive them?  More than likely the answer is never or very seldom. The USB/CD with images gets buried somewhere in a drawer, and you are lucky if your computer still has a CD player.

Images are meant to be printed, displayed, archived.  That is our goal as true professional photographers.

We guarantee that you will never regret investing your time and money creating those beautiful memories for your family. What you would regret is missing on those milestones and not having a single professional photo of your beloved family.

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