How far in advance should I book my session?

I recommend that women have their shoot date scheduled 8 weeks before you need the finished product in-hand. But if you need it sooner – please let me know and I will see what I can do.

Where is your studio and do you offer shoots anywhere else?

My studio is located in a new fancy downtown St. Petersburg venue called The Station House St. Pete where I invite my clients for private viewing and purchasing sessions. I offer shoots in many different locations like a hotel, client’s home etc. that we choose based upon your individual needs.

I have never done this before, will you help me prepare for the shoot?

Of course! Shortly after booking your session you will be emailed a complete Boudoir Session Guide. This will cover exactly how you should prepare your face, body, and mind for your photo shoot, as well as a complete list of resources for hair and makeup appointments and wardrobe for your photo shoot! No question will remain unanswered. I pride myself on offering a boudoir EXPERIENCE to my clients…so expect a much longer process than just showing up to shoot and being done with it! In addition, I will pose you head to toe during the shoot. I am with you every step of the way!

Do you shoot with props?

Your shoot is about YOU.

  • Your hair
  • Your lips
  • Your collarbones
  • Your curves

I am not a prop photographer. However, sexy masks, some statement earrings, pearl or onyx jewelry always look fabulous in black and white photos.

You. Your shape. your emotion. Those are the details I care about. The rest is just stuff. Don’t stress about it.

Can I bring the photos I found on Pinterest that I would like to make?

Art is subjective. You can expect work in line with the images showcased on my website. I will not replicate any other photographer’s work so please do not bring in photos and ask me to copy them. My work is about connection and bringing out your true personality. Please come in without expectations to fully open yourself up to the experience.

Will you post my photos online?

I would love to use images from our session to show other women your amazing photos and inspire them to do the same! The only way I can use your photos is if you sign a model release.

With each contract you have the choice for Full or Partial Release.

If you decide on Full Release, we may use a few of your images for our portfolio, on the website and/or blog, or in advertisements. Any images used are always consistent with our high standards of taste and judgement. Also, your images will NEVER be paired with your name.

If you decide on Partial Release, we may still use your images for our website and/or blog, but these images will NOT show your face or any identifying features. This includes tattoos, scars or other visual items that could be used to identify you. As with Full Release, your images will NEVER be paired with your name.

I’m concerned about my privacy…how will my images be handled and by who?

Privacy is our #1 concern for all of our clients. All photos are handled exclusively by the photographer Katerina Breuer.

I do not have a model type body! Is a boudoir shoot really for me?!

Boudoir photography is for EVERY type of woman of all shapes and sizes. My clients are mothers, wives, divorcees, fiances, thin, voluptuous, extra curvy, boyish, feminine, and everything in between! I will work closely with you to play up your favorite features without focusing on your insecurities because, let’s be real, we’re ALL real people! We ALL have insecurities and what we consider to be flaws. I pride myself on being able to work with all types and create fabulous results regardless of the client by means of strategic poses and paying special attention to each client’s favorite features!

How much do you “photoshop”?

My editing philosophy is not to change who you are. I “photoshop” very little. I WILL edit out minor blemishes or skin flaws as well as simple things like smoothing the under-eye circles. My main rule of thumb is, if it’s permanent, it stays. Tattoos included. As far as stretch marks go, most women have them—and most of the time, my skin-smoothing editing technique will buff out most average stretch marks. Bottom line–I will work with what you’ve got and prove to you that you ARE BEAUTIFUL and these will be the best set of photos you have of yourself!

Do you supply outfits?

No – I don’t offer outfits, accessories or shoes. Boudoir photography helps reflect your inner and outer beauty. Wearing your own clothing helps you feel comfortable and keeps your individuality!

I’m super shy, but I know my guy would love the boudoir images. Will you work with me so that I look comfortable in the photos?

A lot of people are shy having boudoir photographs taken. Your images will reflect your inner and outer beauty, so having these photographs taken at your comfort level is important, and I will ensure that you feel comfortable throughout your session!

These photos are intended as a gift for my significant other…what photo products make the best gift?

I always recommend ALBUMS for gifts. The fine art album is my absolute favorite product for boudoir. It’s discreet, stunning, holds a good number of images, and fits perfectly into a nightstand drawer! There will be samples at the studio when you come in for your session so you can check them out in person! Some of my clients also opt for prints or canvases…and these things will also be available to you for purchase.

Do I get the digital images of my photos?

There is an option to purchase the digital photos along with the printed albums or as individual digital collections.

If you have any other questions, please shoot me an email.